by Zed

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released 19 September 2014



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Track Name: Never Enough (Lizard Brain)
My lizard brain causes so much pain
I can't control it
I can only obey
It runs so deep into my veins
I think I'm going insane
Or has it always been this way

It's never enough, never enough

Maybe my jealous rage will help me turn the page
You'd better turn your back
But don't you dare turn your back on me
The skies will open up
I see a lightning bolt
Spinning out of control
Faster and faster we go
Someone help my lizard brain
And take it all away
I know that I can change
But I don't want to yet
Is it a tragedy that you don't even know who I am
But I still have your picture
And that will never be enough for my lizard brain
Track Name: The Insect Was Only A Wire
Some things are rare for one reason
Rare for one reason
Sometimes the predators get eaten
But not before someone can see what they've done
And they don't like it much when their food starts to run
I found myself walking home in the dark
So I turned down a corner and started to run
Three hundred years and I still don't believe
That the secrets I've kept from myself are secure

I heard a sound like the wings of a bee
Following me
From far away
I looked around but I saw nothing there
The insect was only a wire
Track Name: Surprise Party
Why won't you let me in this room
I want to watch you use the broom
I haven't seen you for a while
Will you return
Why is this room always so empty?

I caught another one today
And just before I let it go
It bit my hand and said these words